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Forum Rules

Post by SafevalGuru » 01 May 2014 14:59

The Safeval Guru forum aims to support technical information exchange about information security, security in software development and correlated themes. Avertising of services in this area is also allowed for individual professionals and companies, in the specific topic "Professional Ads".

Stay tuned to the site rules :

1 - Any topics, messages or replies on matter diverse of the website will be deleted .
2 - Threads and posts on professional announcements should be posted only in the specific forum. Postings of this kind in other forums will be deleted.
3 - Aggressive terms, offensive, racist or otherwise inappropriate language is prohibited. The post will be excluded.
4 - Any user who has 3 deleted posts for any of the reasons above will be banned from the site.
5 - Any user can report the abuse of the rules by the email. The user must indicate the forum where the message was posted and the description of the abuse.